step 1:

Initial Agency Contact

Please fill out our online contact form located below. We will contact you for an initial phone consultation. After the consultation, an Intended Parent Application will be sent for you to complete and return. We will review this application to help us get to know you and your needs and confirm that our agency will be a good match for you. Once we determine that we are a good fit, an Agency Retainer Agreement will be sent to you that outlines our mutual responsibilities. This will be returned along with the Agency Retainer Fee and you will officially be represented by Boise Family Surrogacy! Should our agency not have a Surrogate available we will begin actively recruiting your perfect match. Keep in mind this process timeline can happen immediately or take several months. We will keep in contact with you ever step of the way.


step 2:


Now you will be ready to begin interviewing potential surrogate matches that our agency has thoroughly screened and approved. If a match is made, a matching sheet will be signed by both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents, the first Partial Agency Payment will be made, and you will officially agree to work with your chosen surrogate. You will begin paying a monthly allowance to your surrogate to retain her services. A "holding fee" of sorts. This is paid directly by the Intended Parents to the Surrogate until an escrow account is set up.

Step 3:


Intended Parents will undergo a criminal background check paid for by our agency. The Surrogate and her partner will undergo psychological and medical screenings paid for by the Intended Parents. Once these screenings are passed, the second Partial Agency Payment will be paid and you begin the contract phase.

Step 4:


We will be here to assist you and your Surrogate in drafting your contract with an attorney. Important issues such as reduction, compensation and birth scenarios will have already been discussed and decided prior to this phase on the Matching Sheet both you and your Surrogate signed in Phase 2. The Contract Phase can take several weeks. We will be here to support you and your Surrogate through this period so that everyone's expectations and wishes are met.

Health Insurance: In some cases, a Surrogate's insurance policy will cover her surrogate pregnancy. Unfortunately is more common that it will not. During your Surrogate's states' open enrollment period for health insurance, coverage can be obtained for your surrogate at the expense of the Intended Parents. If outside of this enrollment period, we can provide insurance brokers that can assist with health insurance alternatives. These alternatives are expensive but may be something that you would be interested in. Your health insurance decision for your Surrogate will need to be in place before the contract can be signed to protect both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate.

Life Insurance: It is standard procedure for a Surrogate to carry a $250,000 Life Insurance Policy that has named her spouse or children as beneficiaries in the event of her death. This policy is paid for by the Intended Parents. We have Insurance Brokers that can assist with this process. This will need to be in place before medications can begin. 

Step 5:

IVF Phase

The transfer will take place at your chosen fertility clinic. You will be in contact with your Surrogate to make her travel arrangements. These arrangements will be paid for by the Intended Parents. We will be working with your Surrogate to confirm that she follows the clinic's protocol and is following the physician's instructions. 

Step 6:


We will be checking in with your Surrogate on a weekly basis to make sure she is attending her appointments and maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle. We will also be in contact with you to make sure your expectations are being met through communication with your Surrogate. We will be providing monthly support group meetings for your Surrogate and available 24/7 for you and your Surrogate should any needs arise.

step 7:


Briana will be in contact with your toward the end of the pregnancy. Should you need any support leading up to the birth or support during the birth, she will eagerly work to meet your expectations. This is what you've been waiting for! Briana will do her best to ensure the experience meets as many of your expectations as possible. Your dream of being a Mommy or Daddy is coming true and we want to protect that space for you. 

step 8:

post birth

For our domestic clients, you may be able to take baby home within just a few days! A few final legal forms will be signed in the hospital with your attorney. In some states, a court date will be set for your surrogate to redact her name from the birth certificate. Our international clients will need to stay in the United States for a few weeks so that the baby's birth certificate, passport, and all international documents can be processed. We will be in contact with your attorney to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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