Step 1:

initial agency contact

Contact Boise Family Surrogacy (BFS) using the contact form located at the bottom of this page. We will then contact you and answer any questions you may have. If you are ready to proceed, an Application for Candidacy and Medical Records Release Form will be sent to you from our agency. After these are both received, we will conduct a Criminal Background Check on both you and your spouse/partner and arrange for an interview either in person or over the phone. Shortly after this meeting, you will be notified if you qualify to be represented by BFS. Once represented by BFS, you will be invited to our surrogacy support groups and added to our private Facebook support page. 

Step 2:

matching interview

Once you are officially represented by our agency, we will create a profile that will be given to Intended Parents for consideration. This profile will include information that you have provided on your application. Your interview will take place via a three way phone call with our agency, the Intended Parents and yourself. Our agency will ask everyone being interviewed various questions so as you can all get to know each other. If a match is made, a Matching Sheet will be signed by both you and the Intended Parents which will outline basic expectations and requirements for the Contract Phase. The Intended Parents will pay the Agency Fee and personal information will be exchanged. You will begin receiving a monthly allowance directly from the Intended Parents. A "holding fee" of sorts. 


step 4:

medical clearance

& Psychological


The clinic chosen by the Intended Parents will contact you to set up an appointment to add you to their system as a patient. They will review your medical records, review your blood work and perform a physical examination. One procedure that will take place during this appointment is what is called a water ultrasound. Warm, sterile water is used to check your uterus for any concerns. This appointment will take place at either the clinic the Intended Parents have chosen for the embryo transfer or at a clinic closer to your home. Should you need to travel, the Intended Parents will pay for your travel expenses. Around this time, our agency will coordinate a psychological evaluation for both you and your spouse/partner. This will be done near your home with a licensed psychologist. This will be paid for directly by the Intended Parents. While all of this is taking place, your contract will already be in the process of being drafted.

Step 4:


Your Matching Sheet will be sent to an attorney by our agency. The attorney will begin drafting your contract. The contract will be reviewed by both you and the Intended Parents. Our agency will provide an attorney paid for by the Intended Parents to review the contract with you and make sure you understand your responsibilities and expectations. You will be given time to make any necessary changes before the contract is signed. We will be available to assist with any negotiations should questions arise. Once your contract is signed, you will be able to begin medications for the upcoming embryo transfer. 

step 5:

embryo transfer

By now you will have followed the fertility clinic's medication protocol and will have had regular blood work done at your fertility clinic appointments to make sure your hormone levels are satisfactory for the embryo transfer. You will also have had at least one ultrasound to verify your uterine lining is optimal for transfer. The embryo transfer will take place at the fertility clinic chosen by the Intended Parents. You may need to make travel arrangements for this. These arrangements will be paid for by the Intended Parents. 

step 6:


During the early weeks of your pregnancy, you will have several appointments with a clinic near your home to monitor your hormone levels and make sure your medications are doing their job. You will have two ultrasounds. One to confirm the baby's heart beat and another at 8 weeks gestation. After the 8 week appointment, you will be released to your chosen obstetrician for the remainder of the pregnancy. Our agency will now be here to answer any questions you may have along the way. You will now be responsible for making your prenatal appointments and taking care of yourself and baby by maintaining your healthy and safe lifestyle. We will be here to support both you and the baby's parents. 

Step 7:


Should you need any support leading up to the birth, or support during the birth, Briana (our Agency Director) will eagerly work to meet your expectations and needs. This is what you've worked for! The birth is the culmination of all of your hard work. 

step 8:

post birth

Our agency will check in with you several days after birth and again several weeks after birth to make sure you are adjusting to life after baby. A "congratulations" gift will be sent on behalf of our agency and hopefully a lifelong sense of pride will be yours. 

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